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As well as being one of the most rewarding things you will ever attempt, taking on a self build project is one of life's riskier challenges, so it's critical you have the necessary cover in place to protect you from the very specific risks to which you will be exposed at various stages of the project.

Lucas Fettes & Partners is one of the UK's leading independent Lloyd's accredited insurance brokers. We have many years' experience working in the construction industry and have a unique and specialist understanding of the challenges faced by the timber sector and by individuals undertaking self build projects. We are proud to be the official and approved insurance broker to the Structural Timber Association (STA).

We provide our self build clients with relevant, comprehensive, yet competitive policies from insurance companies that are able to underwrite self build and timber frame construction. These include, but are not limited to:

• Latent Defects and Building Warranty Insurance

• Contractors' All Risks Insurance including Employer's Liability, Public Liability and Contract Works

• Specific Single Performance/Guarantee/Rentention Bonds

For more information about these covers and the risks they are designed to protect you from, download our guide to key insurance requirements for self builders


Insurance is not the only solution - we also offer practical advice on managing risk through measures beyond insurance placement. For more information download our guide to managing the risks involved at each stage of the self build project.

Our personalised approach sets us aside from many - we pride ourselves on delivering solutions tailored to our clients' individual needs. Whatever stage your self build project is at, feel free to contact us for advice and guidance.

Our Personal Insurance team can provide insurance for your property and its contents once your build is complete, and our Financial Services colleagues are able to offer a wide range of personal financial planning services.

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