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Tax rates and allowances

We've produced a useful guide to all the current tax rates and allowances, which is available to download.

Our tax rates and allowances include:

  • Taxable income bands and tax rates
  • Vehicle and fuel benefits in kind
  • Tax free mileage allowances
  • Inheritance tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Company taxation
  • Research and development
  • Tax...

Insight news May 2017

In our latest insight news summary we discover that most employers are on track with automatic enrolment duties, and look at how pension freedoms are encouraging saving. We also cover the bereavement support payment changes and more.

Pension freedoms encourage saving

Almost 1 in 6 people are saving more into their pension...

Creating an effective ISA strategy

It’s not a secret that cash ISA rates have been poor for a number of years. Gone are the days where you could deposit money into a savings account and expect a healthy return.

Yet nowadays the ISA market extends far beyond cash accounts. This is not to suggest that ISAs...

Cyber security in the education sector: infographic

We've created a new infographic featuring cyber security statistics in the education sector. Click on the image below to see the cyber security challenge facing the education sector.


Cyber security in the education sector

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Fact sheet: the residence nil rate band

In the July 2015 Budget the Conservative government introduced some new rules which introduce an additional main residence nil rate band (RNRB) for an estate if the deceased’s interest in a residential property, which has been their residence at some point and is included in their estate, is left to...



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