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Adding value to your client services

At Lucas Fettes & Partners, we understand that many clients require a multi disciplined approach to their personal or corporate affairs to enable them to plan and implement the best course of action for their current and future needs.

As independent insurance brokers and independent financial advisers we have significant experience in working as part of a team with a client's professional advisers, demonstrating value to the client in doing this.

In addition, it is recognised by many forward thinking professionals that there is a need to engender ongoing and long term relationships with clients which can only be achieved through demonstrating the ongoing value they add as a trusted adviser, which includes the involvement of other associated and trusted services where the client has a need. We have developed a proposition that caters to this need and provides other professionals the option to offer an extensive range of services to their clients through referral type arrangements, white labelled services or joint ventures for those of a sufficient size to justify this.

We believe that by creating professional partnerships, both parties can benefit as the range of services on offer differentiates us from our competitors and future competition.

Lucas Fettes differentiating factors

  • A strong record of successfully working with professionals
  • Clearly defined client propositions and proposition enhancement
  • Composite service offering, including personal financial planning, employee benefits, corporate financial planning, risk management, commercial insurances and personal insurance advice
  • National strength with local office presence
  • Transparent pricing/charging model
  • Long term client relationships
  • Experienced and qualified practitioners, entrepreneurial flair and responsiveness to opportunities.
  • Personal service delivery with access to and hands on input from Directors.

Where do we fit?

Our proposition includes consultancy and associated services, proposition enhancement, referrals and a commitment to work in partnership to the clients benefit through a number of services including:

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Corporate Financial Services
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Personal Insurances
  • Wealth Management
  • Insurance Due Diligence
  • Schemes (associations and membership bodies)

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