Property Owners

Lucas Fettes & Partners manage a property account with sums insured approaching £3billion and are closely involved with both the property owner and their managing agents.  Our clients include property investors, property developers, property managers, chartered surveyors and sovereign wealth funds.

Lucas Fettes & Partners take the time to understand the specific needs of every client so we can deliver a the right solution. We have agencies with 300+ insurers and are an accredited Lloyd’s broker placing UK and international business, and our long-standing relationships in the underwriting market ensure we are ideally placed to meet today’s demands for consistent high quality and excellent service.

Our style is marked by a creative and personal approach to solving the often complicated problems and needs of our clients.  We maintain a high profile with our clients through regular review meetings.  It is this level of service which has developed our business to the point where major public companies are appointing us in preference to the larger national brokers where access to such levels of expertise and authority is not readily available nor encouraged beyond the initial promotional meetings.

Ultimately, we at Lucas Fettes & Partners believe a client's sense of security in their insurance arrangements derives much from their confidence in both their Insurance Broker and Insurer.

Property Cover

In general, the property market as a whole, offers comprehensive commercial "all risks" cover for the majority of property risks. Through its excellent relationships with underwriters, Lucas Fettes & Partners are in a strong position to obtain comprehensive, often bespoke, policy wordings, including numerous extensions in cover, which benefit both the property investor and property manager, above and beyond that provided by a standard property owners insurance policy.

Lucas Fettes Property Binder

We have a delegated authority scheme with RSA which enables us to quote for and agree cover for small to medium sized property risks. We have negotiated a bespoke wording and all policy documentation is issued from our London office on RSA headed paper. Rates are very competitive and the cover provided is excellent.

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Scope of Service

By the very nature of Property Owners' Insurance, we understand that the handling of any property account is extremely important. As part of our core services for any Client we would endeavour to:

  • Review and monitor their insurance requirements.
  • Conduct renewal discussions and placing with agreed insurers.
  • Confirm and arrange appropriate cover with insurers to meet the client's specific requirements in terms of both price and cover.
  • Issue policy summaries, debit notes and any other documentation required in a timely manner.
  • Negotiate, check and issue endorsements, policies and certificates of insurance in a timely manner.
  • Assist the client with any mid term amendments you may need to make including any addition or deletion of properties from the portfolio.
  • Handle day to day enquiries from the Client and ongoing action as appropriate.
  • Explain the main features of the products and services we offer including all important details of cover and benefits, any significant or unusual restrictions or exclusions and any significant conditions or obligation which the client or their tenant must meet.
  • Provide general and/or specific insurance and risk related advice.
  • Provide a thorough claims handling service.
  • Regular contact to review outstanding and ongoing issues and to monitor progress.

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Claims Service

We aim to obtain fair and prompt settlement of claims, which we believe is important to our clients. Lucas Fettes & Partners aims to achieve this through the following service level objectives:

  • We will forward all general claims correspondence to/from insurers within 2 working days of receipt.
  • Correspondence that requires more detailed consideration will be acknowledged within 5 working days of receipt. A full response will be provided on a timely basis.
  • Where we recommend and the client agrees to direct claims handling procedures with insurers, we will always assist with any problems that arise.
  • We provide within our Insurance Register details of general claims procedures including 24-hour telephone contacts for emergencies.
  • We can also provide dedicated Loss Adjusting services with the likes of Cunningham Lindsay and Crawford's subject to size of the property portfolio and agreement by the Insurer.

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Other available services and useful information

Premium and Markets

We deal extensively with specialist property insurers such as Aviva, RSA, AXA, Allianz, and Zurich, amongst others, all of whom are well versed in property insurance and enjoy excellent financial security. Our considerable buying power allows us access to several underwriters in the market who aim to provide us with economic premiums uniquely available to Lucas Fettes & Partners

Property Summary of Cover

We can provide an overall policy summary which details cover and applicable extensions together with a summary of cover for each individual tenant, apportioning individual sums insured and premiums. Alternatively, a summary can be provided at property level, whichever is most appropriate.

Other Available Covers

  • Engineering Inspection and Insurance
  • Contractors All Risks - Annual and Employer Controlled Projects
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Tenant Default
  • Restrictive Covenant
  • Defective Title
  • Latent Defects
  • Environmental Insurance
  • Legionellosis Liability
  • Overseas Property Insurance

Property Lease Review

From the perspective of both the landlord and tenant it is imperative that the insurance provisions contained within the lease agreements are understood and complied with.

As an additional service, we can hold details on our system and make sure each individual property is insured on the correct basis.

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Captive Insurance Companies

We also have access to companies specialising in the creation and management of Captive, Mutual and Protected Cell insurance companies. We can work with you to advise upon and assist with the creation of Captive Insurance Vehicles.

A Captive Insurance Company is, in its purest form, a wholly owned subsidiary company formed to reinsure the risks of its parent and associated companies.  A Captive Insurance Company insures all or part of the risks of its owners, the owners being individual companies or groups.  Captives are usually formed to provide alternative risk management solutions to that of the conventional insurance market.

Insurance subsidiaries of large corporations were the forerunners of the captive movement.  The first captives can be traced back to the early 1930's, for example the Blackfriars Insurance Company was formed in 1937 by Unilever.  There are now approximately 5,000 Captive Insurance Companies worldwide.  Most of these captives are domiciled in tax attractive locations, where the regulatory framework is such that regulators may prompt decisions and where capitalisation requirements are commensurate with the risk assumed.

The underlying reason for the formation of a captive is that the conventional insurance market fails to adequately meet the needs of the company purchasing insurance.  A Captive provides the following benefits to its owners:

  • The insurance process is controlled and managed by the insured and not the insurance market.
  • Underwriting profits are retained for the benefit of the insured.
  • Investment income can be derived from premiums and claims reserves until they are required to be paid out.
  • Reduction of market cycles. Good underwriting experience recognises the reinsurance market and premiums are commensurately lower.
  • Insurance costs are controlled by the Insured.
  • Access to expanding capacity.
  • Considerable cash flow advantages.
  • Difficult risks can be insured.

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