Agricultural Machinery Dealers

Specialist insurance for agricultural and horticultural machinery dealers

Modern agriculture demands efficient, cost-effective management of all of the resources associated with farming. This is particularly true in the context of agricultural machinery which can account for a high proportion of the fixed costs associated with agricultural businesses.

Machinery dealers need peace of mind that the insurance cover they have in place provides quality business insurance solutions.

Lucas Fettes is pleased to provide an exclusive specialist insurance package for Agricultural Machinery Dealers. Agshield is a comprehensive package of covers providing appropriate business insurance solutions and is underwritten by AXA, one of the UK's premier insurers.

Many standard insurance policies include a number of add-ons that offer little or no benefit to you or your business, which can result in you paying for cover that is not relevant to your requirements. With Agshield you can be assured that we have specifically researched the requirements of Agricultural Machinery Dealers to ensure that the cover we provide is both adequate and relevant to your needs.


AgShield Summary of Cover

To find out more information on the cover AgShield provides, please download our brochure or call us on 0161 972 2480.

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